Modern asynchronous Gopher server implemented in Python.
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gb logo, a gopher in a ball


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gb or gopherball is a gopher library written in Python with the main goals of ease of use and integration. The name gopherball is inspired by a recurring theme in the Calvin & Hobbes comicbooks and a tongue in cheek reference of an alternative to the World Wide Web as we know it today.


There are several other projects that are built on top of gb to get you running:


Check out the gbs project.


Check out the gbc project.


Check out the gbx project.


gb is written with the help of Python 3.9 and higher and the Tornado framework for its networking.


The source code for gb lives on my GitHub where you can also submit issues and pull requests. It mostly needs help by people with the ability to test in various clients and libraries that might still support the gopher protocol.