A command line client for the pinnwand pastebin.
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steck is a Python application to interface with the pinnwand pastebin software. By default steck pastes to bpaste but you can override the instance used.


  • Python >= 3.6
  • click
  • requests
  • python-magic
  • termcolor
  • appdirs
  • toml


Simple use::

  € steck paste *      
  You are about to paste the following 7 files. Do you want to continue?
   - mypy.ini
   - poetry.lock
   - pyproject.toml
   - README.rst
   - requirements.txt
   - steck.py
  Continue? [y/N] y
  Completed paste.
  View link:    https://localhost:8000/W5
  Removal link: https://localhost:8000/remove/TS2AFFIEHEWUBUV5HLKNAUZFEI

You can also paste from stdin (a single file)::

  € steck paste --no-confirm -

Skip the confirmation::

  € steck paste --no-confirm *

Don't try to guess at filetypes::

  € steck paste --no-magic *

Skip checking files against .gitignore::

  € steck paste --no-ignore *

Descend recursively::

  € steck paste **/*

More usecases are found in the documentation.


The default argument values used by steck can be configured by copying the steck.toml-dist file to ~/.config/steck/steck.toml. You can turn off the confirmation or choose another pinnwand instance there.

More about configuration can be found at the documentation.


steck is distributed under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.